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Survey: Prayer still a constant practice in people’s lives

Survey: Prayer still a constant practice in people’s lives.

Despite reports of declining worship attendance following the pandemic, especially among young people, a majority of Americans still say they pray, according to a survey from the Radiant Foundation.

*61% turn to God in prayer. That’s more than those who use meditation, yoga, and other practices to connect to a higher power.

And the vast majority of people say God has answered some of their prayers in the past year! Findings of the survey are based on more than 1,700 Americans.

Good News? Despite recent statistics that suggest Americans are becoming less religiously affiliated, prayer appears to be a constant practice in people’s lives.


Other findings from the survey include: 

The survey found that 50% of adults who pray do so at dawn or when they get up with 55% praying at bedtime. Those who pray reportedly spend an average of 18 minutes praying daily.

61% of those who pray say they pray in their car.

A whopping 87% of those who pray say they received an answer (to their pray) in the last 12 months.

70% of praying Americans say they pray to connect with God;

45% to feel less anxious or depressed,

41% to find solutions to problems and 29% to heal from trauma.

Americans say prayer has many positive effects on their well-being:

42% report feeling a sense of calm when they pray, 41% are grateful

31% say they have prayed due to a request on social media.

Having children makes one (slightly) more likely to pray than those who don’t have children (66% vs. 59%).


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