Wednesday Word

In honor of the kick-off of Operation Christmas Child this week:

The journey of a shoebox begins and ends in the heart of God. When the people of God are moved by compassion to touch the lives of others, God is glorified. While the names, faces and conditions of the recipients look different – all have been formed in the image of the Creator. Without the hope of Christ in their life, each lives in a state of poverty.

The blessings of the box are not so much material, but spiritual. Extending the love of the Lord to someone you will never meet allows God to move in the hearts of mankind. While the box may bless the individual, the opportunity empowers the Body. On one side, the Body looks outward, extends its’ focus and outreach. This in turn provides another arm of the same (though continents away) with strength, vigor and a new foothold for the Gospel.

So, is it possible to unveil the eternal by means of the temporal? Certainly – if God chooses. A rubber ball, a tube of toothpaste or a coloring book can be used as simply as a fish or a loaf of bread or any other tool that the Master Carpenter chooses to accomplish His task.

Because of this, I find joy in knowing that what I bring to God will be blessed and multiplied among the people for the purpose of His Kingdom. It’s not so important that the children know who brought the bread as long as they realize who provided the feast. We should consider it a privilege to catch a glimpse of the heart of God and make that our focus. With this in mind, even the simplest shoebox has miracle capacity in the hands of God.


Wally Decker
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