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Ground-breaking surgery on baby still in the womb

A team of doctors in Boston performed a ground-breaking surgery on a baby still in the womb – the first of its kind in the U.S.  And the parents say they had no doubt “God would perform a miracle.”  Derek and Kenyatta Coleman were over the moon when they learned they were expecting their fourth child. The first few weeks of the pregnancy were typical.

But during her 30-week ultrasound, Kenyatta learned that her daughter had a rare condition known as the ‘Vein of Galen’ malformation. The malformation can cause blood vessel abnormalities, brain damage, and heart failure.

In fact, by the time the baby was 30 weeks old, her heart was struggling and the malformation was getting dangerously large, CBS news reported.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana couple enrolled in an FDA-approved clinical trial by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital to save the baby’s life. Despite the risk, the parents decided to trust God.

The surgeons ensured the baby was in the correct position in the womb and then began a procedure to slow the blood flow and reduce the pressure. The baby showed signs of improvement almost immediately.

At 34 weeks, little Denver Colman was born (weighing in at 4 pounds). Mom, dad and baby Denver are doing fine!



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