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Monday News: March 13, 2023

7 days til Spring 🙂

Freeze Warning for the Piedmont Triad early Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning

‘Tree pollen levels’ in the “MODERATE” range for Monday.




The average HIGH temperature for today should be 60 degrees.

Sunrise at 7:34am.  Sunset will be at 7:25pm! (due to the time change).


College Hoops: Five ACC men’s basketball teams picked up NCAA tournament bids.

Duke, NC State, Pitt, Virginia and Miami, were selected to the 68-team event, which opens Tuesday with First Four games in Dayton, Ohio

*UNC did not receive a NCAA bid and has opted out of the NIT Tournament.


Time Theft? March Madness DOES have a negative effect in the office.

Researchers have found that ‘employees not only waste up to six hours a day, but also may resort to calling in sick throughout the NCAA Tournament’. Attention toward tournament time results in up to $13.8 billion dollars in lost revenue annually due to lower employee productivity. www.gulfshorebusiness.com/march-madness-underscores-cost-of-workplace-time-theft/


3 years ago – Headline from March 12, 2020…

“Surrounding the fluidity of COVID-10, the ACC will immediately

          cancel the remainder of the 2020 ACC Tournament”

The ACC announced it has ended its postseason tournament on Thursday (3 years ago) over fears of coronavirus spread. The league made its decision just minutes before the tip off of the Florida State and Clemson game.



Old Salem Museums & Gardens has eliminated its Moravian Book & Gift Store located on South Main Street. The merchandise will be moved to two other sites in the historic district -the second floor of Winkler Bakery and the main floor of the Old Salem Visitor Center. The Salem Congregation (which represents 13 Moravian churches in Winston-Salem) owns the building where the Moravian Book & Gift Store is located. Another retailer will move in sometime in April.



Many Americans make monthly payments, called subscription fees, to receive services for movies, music, and even household goods. Now some restaurants are hoping that they want to do the same for their favorite meals.

The average American had 6.7 ‘subscriptions’ in 2022, up from 4.2 in 2019, says Rocket Money, a personal finance website.


“On average, $86 per month was the initial amount consumers estimated they spent on subscription services. But upon closer look at their itemized expenses, the average monthly spend for consumers was more than 2.5 times the amount they thought at $219 – a whopping $133 higher than their original estimate.


Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime? Best streaming services (Clark Howard)




#1 habit that sets successful people apart from everyone else?

Rest and recovery is key to being ‘successful’, suggests psychologist Sarah Sarkis.  Millionaires and Olympians alike tout the importance of outworking your competition and pushing past your limits. While this might be true, exertion isn’t what sets high achievers apart from everyone else. It’s Rest and recovery!

“We mistakenly associate success with constantly having our foot on the gas, and we have complicated feelings when it’s not on the gas,” Sarkis explains. “We think we’re lazy, unfocused or undisciplined – when none of that is true.” The people who prioritize rest are the ones who are “at the top of their game” and “the happiest.”

Past research has shown that ‘working without downtime’ decreases productivity, reduces creativity and can intensify stress.

Therapeutic activities like meditation, journaling or going for a walk outside should be scheduled – like you would a doctor’s appointment or a meeting with your boss.

Sarah Sarkis, a psychologist, is senior director of performance psychology with Exos.



The Biden administration on Sunday guaranteed that customers of the failed Silicon Valley Bank will have access to all their money starting today (March 13).

The big question: Will the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week have a ripple effect through the economy? The collapse seems to be making all mid-sized banks reconsider how they lend money to clients, or whether mid-sized, regional banks could share the same fate. Governments are attempting to avoid a global banking panic following the second largest banking collapse in history, the California-based Silicon Valley Bank, last week.






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