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Keep AM radio in vehicles. Take action now…

The National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) “Depend on AM Radio” campaign needs YOUR help.  Read more…  https://www.wearebroadcasters.com/dependonam/default.asp


“Ford decides to keep AM radio in automobiles”.  Big victory for broadcast radio on Tuesday!  The automaker reversing its recent decision to eliminate AM radio from all of its vehicles. Ford execs posting that, “After speaking with policy leaders about the importance of AM broadcast radio as a part of the emergency alert system, we’ve decided to include (AM) on all 2024 vehicles. For any owners of Ford EVs without AM broadcast capability, we’ll offer a software update” https://jacobsmedia.com/the-day-ford-blinked/

NOTE: The earlier decision by Ford to dump AM radio from vehicles set off a ‘media blitz’ call-to-action in the radio broadcasting industry.



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