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S@5: Dealing with Depression + Wildlife Gardens

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Dr Gus Thomas, Clinical Supervisor with Associates in Christian Counseling, shares with Verne + Wally (WBFJ Morning Show) about the symptoms, causes and treatment options when dealing with depression.    christiancounseling.org

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Dealing with Depression.

Dr Gus Thomas helps to explain…
What is depression?
Biblical examples of individuals dealing with depression.
Several causes of depression including genetics, dramatic life changes, certain medical conditions, even substance abuse.
Self-care is so important! Embrace healthy habits such as growing closer to God (Faith factor), regular exercise, healthy diet, get vitamin D (SUN), limit alcohol use, Get quality rest. ASK FOR HELP!   christiancounseling.org

*Re-airing / as heard on SUN@5 on WBFJ (May 28, 2023)



May is ‘Garden for Wildlife’ month.

Mary Phillips, head of Garden for Wildlife at the National Wildlife Federation, offers tips for planting a wildlife garden and the best plants for our Triad region with Verne (WBFJ radio).

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Survey: More people are gardening for wildlife by purchasing native plants (plants native to their region) and landscaping that help pollinators like at-risk butterflies, bees and birds.
Native plants, in our gardens and in the wild, are essential to the survival of wildlife. Survey commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation, in partnership with the National Gardening Association.  Resources for native plants in North Carolina.
*National Wildlife Federation’s Native Plant Finder (enter zip code)


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