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S@5: Life Support in 2024 with Kirk Walden

January is ‘Sanctity of Human Life’ month

Kirk Walden is an author, speaker, podcaster and ‘Champion for ‘life’. Kirk has been on the frontlines fighting for the unborn for over 40 years!  www.kirkwalden.com

Kirk shares with Verne (WBFJ radio) about being Pro Life in 2024.

Listen now…

Flipping our culture for Life’ -like the early Christians in the book of Acts -the Christian Church should be on ‘Life Support’ in 2024.        Kirk offers practical solutions to help those in a crisis pregnancy situation. As Americans, we are currently faced with two realms: a political realm and a kingdom realm. Where must our focus be in 2024?  Pro-Life messaging in the age of social media, Kirk offers tangible ways to get involved at your local Pregnancy Care Center.  *Back in June 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade (by way of the Dobbs case)

*Kirk Walden will speaking in the Triad in March.                 “Rooted in Compassion” annual banquet supporting Compassion Care Center (Yadkinville, NC) on March 11 + March 12, 2024.   Phone: 336-679-7101    https://c3yadkin.com/

Supporting life in our communities…                                                Check out a list of local Pregnancy Care Centers on our News Blog at www.wbfj.fm

*As heard on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ (January 21, 2024)

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