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S@5: MasterLife Together Bible Study

“Learn to follow Jesus with all that you have and all that you are”

Matt Willis shares with Verne (WBFJ) about “MasterLife Together”, a 12-session Bible Study with a focus on discipleship.

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‘MasterLife’, originally written and complied by Avery Willis (Matt’s grandfather), has helped thousands of Christians mature in key disciplines of the Christian faith. ‘MasterLife Together’ (Matt and Allison Willis) is a discipleship experience that incorporates key components from the original version (MasterLife) but updated for a new generation of believers. Simple yet comprehensive, this resource offers five daily exercises to be done individually each week, enhanced by the accountability of a small group. Designed to help both new Christians and experienced believers, participants will learn to follow Jesus with all that they have and all that they are.

Currently, Matt Willis is the Associate Pastor of missions and evangelism with Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem
The Willis family served as missionaries in South Asia (through the International Missions Board).  www.lifeway.com/masterlifetogether

*As heard on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ (DEC 17, 2023)


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