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“The Chosen: Season 4” in theaters nationwide thru February

“The Chosen” surprising Hollywood (again) this past weekend at the Box Office.

The first 3 episodes of “The Chosen: Season 4” opening in second place in its first weekend (with $7.5 million) in theaters.  BTW: All eight episodes of The Chosen: Season 4 are being released in theaters throughout the month of February 2024.

Episodes 1 through 3 in theaters through February 14.

Episodes 4 through 6 on Feb. 15;

Episodes 7 and 8 out on Feb. 29.  TIX at https://www.thechosenriseup.com/

*You can watch the previous three Seasons of The Chosen for Free on The Chosen App or the Angel Studios App, as well as other streaming platforms.


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