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Thursday News: Jan 26, 2023

Hits Deep Tour 2023 coming to the Greensboro Coliseum this Saturday (Jan 28) featuring TobyMac and the DiverseCity band with special guests CROWDER, Cochren & Co, Tasha Layton, Jon Reddick and Terrian.  Details at wbfj.fm


Scammed! The congregation of Elkin Valley Baptist Church were expecting to be worshiping in their brand-new sanctuary by May of this year, but construction has been derailed – after more than $793,000 dollars the church had raised for the project was ‘stolen by internet scammers’ (using a ‘cloned’ email). ‘While they hope to continue, as much as possible, with the construction’, Senior Pastor Johnny Blevins telling the Elkin Tribune that ‘they have no idea if any of the stolen funds will (ever) be recovered’. The FBI is currently investigating the crime. The church, founded in 1884, had been saving for the new sanctuary for 7 years! https://www.elkintribune.com/news/41328/793k-stolen-from-elkin-valley-baptist-church

A GoFundMe site has been formed if you would like to help…



There are all kinds of delays in sports, but this might be a first.

On Wednesday night, a college basketball game was interrupted…for food?

In the early stages of the second half of the Loyola Chicago vs Duquesne (DOO-CAIN) men’s basketball game, an Uber Eats delivery guy walked onto the court – in the middle of the game – holding a McDonald’s bag. The delivery guy was eventually so close to the action that one of the officials was actually forced to temporarily stop the game.

BTW: The order WAS delivered to a ‘random fan’ in the stands, who was later shown on the video board – eating his food. Mission accomplished? 😊



College Hoops: Pitt holding on for the win over Wake Forest last night (81-79).

The Deacs will host NC State at the Joel on Saturday.


Archaeologists with the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) have uncovered a moat outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City dating back at least 1,000 years.

The moat was dug out of the rock surrounding the city.

At one place on the moat’s wall – there is a mysterious carved handprint. Hummmm…



Dates for the ‘Thrive’ Homeschool Conference are set…

May 25-27, at the Benton Convention Center in downtown Winston-Salem.

Featured Speakers include Dr. Bill Brown, Colson Center for Christian Worldview

  • Huge Vendor Hall, Fun Teen Activities, College Fair and more!

      Don’t miss Early Bird prices!    Registration at www.nche.com/thrive/


IRS: Tax filing season has begun.

The IRS said it is likely to deliver your refund within 21 days of receiving your return. Last year, the average refund issued was around $3,100 dollars.

*The official due date for returns this year will be Tuesday, April 18.

That’s because April 15 — the traditional due date — falls on a Saturday; and Monday, April 17 is Emancipation Day — an official holiday in DC.  www.irs.gov


‘Not Forgotten Ministries’ is moving! Here’s how you can help…

Pray! God is leading us to the Kernersville area (because there are currently no pro-life ministries there). We do not have our new location yet, but we’re trusting that God has the perfect place! We also know He is always right on time!

*We need moving materials! Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc…

*We need help moving! If you are local and available on February 25th, we could

use help moving all of our stuff!

Connect with Not Forgotten at info@theyarenotforgottem.com

*Not Forgotten Ministries reaches those suffering from post-abortive

                   stress and pain find healing through Jesus.


January is Sanctity of Human Life month

Support life in our Communities through a local Pregnancy Care Center.

For a list of area PCC’s and pro-life resources, go to WBFJ.FM


Facebook’s parent company Meta has reinstated former President Trump’s Facebook account after a 2-year ban…with conditions.



God’s preparing YOU for your Purpose!

Ashley and her husband have been thinking and praying about the ‘second half of their life together’. Here is a portion of ‘Living Changed in the New Year’,  a devotional Ashley was reading earlier this week…

“Whether you realize it or not, God put certain things in your path and gave you opportunities to strengthen different skills, so that He could prepare you for your purpose. Every one of your life experiences makes you uniquely you.

Consider the natural talents God has given you, the different opportunities you’ve had, and the skills you’ve acquired. Think about where you grew up, where you’ve traveled, what you’ve learned. The various experiences you’ve had in your life may seem irrelevant on their own, but together, they’re leading you toward something meaningful that you can use to glorify God.

You don’t have to be in full-time ministry to do God’s work. You can work for God in business or in the home, with many or with few.

Most of us won’t be famous, but we all have circles of influence and unique gifts that those in our circle of influence need.

*Take a moment to thank God for everything He has given you—all the strengths, characteristics, learnings, influence, and provisions that are special to you. Ask Him to show you how those gifts uniquely qualify you for your purpose and how you can use them to change others’ lives and eternities this year.

Living in your calling and serving others will lead to a more fulfilling year.

*There’s no question that God has given you skills, talents, education, financial power, status, or influence that’s special to you.

The question is how you will use it in 2023…?

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