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Polling places are Open and will be until 7:30pm tonight.  And as long as you are In line at your assigned polling place by 7:30 pm, you will be able to vote.  The busiest times tend to be early in the morning and just before the polls close.  Avoid longer lines by voting at off-peak times.  Find your Election Day polling place by entering your information into the Voter Search, or search using your address with the Election Day Polling Place Search.   These links are available within this story on our news blog at WBFJ.FM and also at WBFJ’s Facebook Page.



Does your employer have to give you time off to vote?  There’s no Federal Law mandating it and the States are split on it.  Twenty-one States have No laws on the books about employers having to give employees time off to vote, North Carolina is one of those 21 states.  There are a handful of states that give you time off to vote, but with no pay.  The rest of these states have some sort of provision for employers to give employees time to vote during the workday.  That said, most of these state laws say the employer doesn’t have to provide time off if the polls are open 2-3 hours before or after an employee’s shift.  So, basically saying, do it on your own time.




FREE DONUTS! – Yep! – Krispy Kreme is making it happen!

Free donuts for “Voters” Today! (NO “I Voted” Sticker Necessary)!

Then also Free Donuts for VETERANS this Friday (Veterans Day, Nov 11th)!  https://www.krispykreme.com/



A New Seven-Mile stretch of the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway opened Monday.  The newest section of beltway connects University Parkway and New Walkertown Road.  According to NC-DOT, the beltway project is expected to reduce traffic congestion by diverting traffic from Highway 52, while improving safety and mobility around the Twin City.



Holiday shopping is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to give your friends and loved ones.

If you’re looking for some holiday gift inspiration, look no further!  We’ve got a list of 10 great gift ideas that are sure to please everyone on your list.  From the Foodie to the Fashionista – to the Fitness Fanatic – or even the “I’ll Be Right Here Homebody” – you find something for them all and more!  For the Full List just click on the link to this story in our News Blog at WBFJ.FM!



WBFJ Family Station Forecast

Today: Sunny … High 64

Tonight: Clear … Low 41

Tomorrow: Sunny … High 60


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