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Wednesday News: Nov 9, 2022

Wednesday, NOV 09, 2022


This year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree has North Carolina roots.

A 78-foot red spruce named “Ruby” is currently on a two-week tour across North Carolina before being transported to the nation’s Capital !

Wanna see “Ruby”?

*Thursday (Nov 10) from 10 til noon at the NC Zoo in Asheboro.

For more information, check out the News Blog  www.capitoltreetracker.com/#tour


Tropical Storm Nicole is expected to impact Florida’s east coast as a possible Category 1 hurricane in less than 24 hours, prompting evacuations in areas still recovering from Hurricane Ian. Nearly four million people along Florida’s east coast are under hurricane warnings as Nicole is poised to make landfall late Wednesday north of West Palm Beach. The National Hurricane Center predicts the coastal area will receive up to 8 inches of rain and storm surge that could rise to 5 feet. CNN

*Nicole will likely impact the Piedmont of North Carolina with wind and rain.

   2 to 4 inches of rain likely between Thursday night into late Friday night


Mid-Term Elections 2022 – Statewide results

NC State Board of Elections link on the News Blog   https://www.ncsbe.gov/


Republican Ted Budd has won the US Senate race.

Incumbent Democrats, who hold a 51-50 edge in the US Senate, are in danger of losing close races in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. https://myfox8.com/your-local-election-hq/republican-ted-budd-wins-race-for-us-senate-against-democratic-opponent-cheri-beasley/

*North Carolina Republicans will have a ‘supermajority’ in the state Senate, but fall short in a ‘supermajority’ in the state house.  https://myfox8.com/your-local-election-hq



Sleep deprived? Nearly half of American adults don’t get enough sleep.

Tips to help with falling asleep quickly include meditation, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. Then, to keep your internal clock running smoothly, it’s also best to keep to the same schedule on non-work days.

Other tips include exercising, avoiding naps and practicing good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding coffee in the afternoon and alcohol at night, keeping smartphones and other electronic devices out of the bedroom and taking a warm bath or relaxing with yoga.




Israel is famous for traffic congestion, especially around its urban areas. In an effort to ease that congestion, the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) announced Sunday it will conduct trials of self-driving buses and shuttles on public roads for the next two years.

The project may help ease the problem of a bus driver shortage, according to The Times of Israel. www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/israel/2022/november/israel-to-test-driverless-public-bus-system-in-a-2-year-project



Free donuts for Veterans this Friday (Veterans Day, Nov 11)!    https://www.krispykreme.com/






Prayers for peace.  A Baptist seminary in northern Myanmar was hit by artillery fire from the Burmese Army last week, injuring four students in a dormitory. CBN News



Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announcing major layoffs effecting some 11,000 employees. The layoffs come just days after TwitterLyft and Amazon announced sweeping job cuts or pauses on hiring. CNN


$2.04 billion

That’s the record Powerball lottery jackpot that a single ticket holder in Altadena, California won on Tuesday. BTW: The odds of winning the grand prize were 1 in 292.2 million, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association.  CNN



Prayers: Residents in southeastern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas are working to recover after deadly storms hit the area late last week.

*Trinity Baptist Church in Idabel, Oklahoma was preparing to complete a new building when last Friday’s storm ripped apart their sanctuary and flattened the shell of the new structure next door last Friday, according to Pastor Don Myer.

In a post to the church’s Facebook page over the weekend, the cornerstone of the church building was still standing following the storm and it was still sharing an important message.  “The message on it reads, ‘TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE.'”

“As we move forward from here, we trust that our church family is held fast by Christ, our Chief Cornerstone. We look forward to surrendering ourselves fully to God as He walks us through the coming weeks and months,” the post continued.

“Thank you, everyone, for your support in this time. Our prayers are with our community in this great time of need. God bless you all,” the post concluded.




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