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Tuesday News: November 22, 2022

Got food prep questions? Call 1-800-BUTTERBALL     The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is open through December 24.    Determine Your Turkey Cook Time with the ‘Turkey Calculator’.        *Helpful videos […]

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Monday News: November 21, 2022

With record-high inflation, one in four Americans say they’re ‘skipping Thanksgiving’ because they can’t afford the holiday meal this year. Several area churches and faith-based groups will be serving Thanksgiving […]

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Pre-Thanksgiving meals to those in need

Feeding those in need with an attitude of gratitude. Whole Man Ministries will be giving out 350 Thanksgiving meals this Saturday (Nov 19) from 10am til 1pm.  That’s a FREE […]

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S@5: Caregivers Wellbeing

November is National Family Caregivers month Every 4 seconds someone is diagnosed with dementia. Even more shocking: 40% of caregivers will ‘pass’ before the person they are caring for. Biggest […]

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Friday News: Nov 18, 2022

Less than a week til Thanksgiving    If you are a fan of the popular faith-based series “The Chosen”… The first two episodes of Season 3 of The Chosen are […]

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Barna: 3 reasons why pastors want to leaving the pulpit

Partisan politics is driving a wedge into America, including the church. Polls reveal that ‘polarizing partisan politics’ is among the top three reasons pastors want to ‘walk away from ministry’. […]

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Thursday News: Nov 17, 2022

One-week til Thanksgiving Day   Feeding those in need with an attitude of gratitude.       Whole Man Ministries will be giving out 350 Thanksgiving meals this Saturday (Nov 19) […]

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Mike Pence: “I still pray for the president”

“And I pray for the grace to forgive him and all those responsible for that tragic day (referencing Jan 6 2021).”   – Former Vice President Mike Pence   During a Town […]

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Wednesday Word

Yay, A Thanksgiving Song!! It seems every year after Halloween, the Christmas season is thrust on us, by-passing Thanksgiving altogether. Did you know there is a Thanksgiving song? That’s right, “Jingle […]

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