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Friday News: Feb 24, 2023

Spring is in the air: Tree pollen levels remain HIGH for today (Friday)   Moderate on Saturday. Then back to HIGH on Sunday.  https://www.forsyth.cc/EAP/pollen.aspx


Triad Pregnancy Care is offering FREE ultrasounds.

This Saturday, Feb. 25th from 9am-5pm.

Location: Westover Church, 505 Muirs Chapel Rd. Greensboro

If you are 6-16 weeks and would like a free ultrasound, please reserve an appointment.

Call or text us: 336-864-1107
All ultrasounds will be reviewed by our nurse manager and medical director.

You will receive: • ultrasound images and a $20 visa gift card


:0 Bojangles has brought back its fried fish-filet sandwich for Lent this year


RECALL: Roughly 2 million Cosori air fryers have been recalled because they pose a possible fire risk. The air fryers, which range in price from $70 to $130, were sold between June 2018 through December 2022 at a number of retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot and Target. The fryers are size 3.7 and 5.8 quarts and were sold in black, gray, white, blue or red colors. The model numbers are located at the bottom of the air fryer.  Details on the News Blog at wbfj.fm  https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/24/business/cosori-air-fryers-recall/index.html


Healthy sleep habits can add years to your life!

First, make sure you get a full seven to eight hours of sleep each night. That’s tough for many people: 1 in 3 Americans have a sleep deficit, according to the CDC.

Rest should be uninterrupted. That means you don’t wake up during the night or have trouble falling asleep more than two times a week.

You also have to feel well rested at least five days a week when you wake up.

Sleep medications do more hard than good long term for good sleep.

Make sure your sleeping environment is optimal — cooler and darker is better — and block noise or try a sound machine. Set up a sleep routine, with no blue lights or distractions at least an hour before bedtime. Get relaxed.

Note: Good sleep habits can add years to your life (up to five years to a man’s life expectancy and almost 2.5 years to a woman’s life), a new study found.



TODAY’S NUMBER: $21 billion dollars?

That’s how much Americans (collectively) leave unspent on gift cards.

Almost two-thirds of us have at least one unspent gift card tucked away in a drawer, wallet or purse. And at least half of us LOSE a gift card before we use it…



Update: Randolph County Sheriff Greg Seabolt continues to ‘heal’ after spending 10 days in the ICU after falling off a ladder at his home on January 7.  After the fall, he suffered two broken ribs as well as several ‘internal injuries’. Sheriff Seabolt is on the mend with another surgery coming up in about a month.  Prayers appreciated!!



College Hoops CIAA Tournament in Baltimore

WSSU (men’s team) will play Virginia Union at noon in s semi-final game.



The Midwest is digging out from a powerful winter storm. Millions are dealing with numerous power outages, flight cancellations and road closures.

Rare blizzard warnings have been issued for parts of Southern California including the mountains surrounding Los Angeles, as well as highest elevations in Ventura county and San Bernardino County through Saturday afternoon..



Today marks one year since Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

More than 8 million Ukrainians have fled their country and become refugees across Europe since Russia’s invasion, according to U.N. data. More than 5.3 million others are still estimated to be internally displaced within Ukraine.



Planning a flight in 2023? The busy travel season is heating up, which means heightened demand – and more expensive airfares. Use the “Goldilock’s Window” to snag a deal – even during the peak period. Here’s the deal from experts: Monitor flight costs 1 to 3 months in advance of travel for domestic US flights and 2 to 8 months for international flights. Bottom line: Waiting is often the best strategy. Just be sure to take advantage when there’s a big price drop.




A Texas man (James Stinson) has a deep loyalty to Chick-fil-A.

James is so loyal that he will not travel anywhere unless there’s a Chick-fil-A in driving distance. On Wednesday, James Stinson made his 1,000th consecutive visit to Chick-fil-A. The staff at Chick-fil-A in Port Arthur went all out for the celebration by surprising Stinson with a special table set-up and a thank you card. James says this journey all started when he read about a man in New Jersey reaching 100 days of going to Chick-fil-A.  He knew he could easily beat that number!!  Aside from the (great) food, James loves the excellent customer service at Chick-fil-A.

*Moving forward, James will start to scale back his trips to Chick-Fil-A – eating there just two to three times a week. Their pleasure!




? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos hired a firm to research a possible bid for the NFL’s Washington Commanders, sources telling the Washington Post.






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