Home Friday News for January 05, 2024

Friday News for January 05, 2024

Winter Weather Advisory for early Saturday morning (3am til 9am).  Freezing rain could make travel hazardous early Saturday morning. Use caution on elevated surfaces -bridges and overpasses – as well as sidewalks.


Continuing to pray for the Nix family. Celebration of Life service for fallen Greensboro police officer Philip Dale Nix is planned for next Thursday afternoon (Jan 11) at 2pm at Westover Church in Greensboro, according to Hanes Lineberry Funeral Home.

FYI: Sgt. Nix was fatally shot at the Sheetz gas station on Sandy Ridge Road in Colfax last Saturday after he witnessed 2 males stealing from the store.



Fundraiser for the Nix family. The Culver’s location at Union Cross in Kernersville will donate 10% of all sales this Tuesday (4-8pm) to the Help A Hero Memorial Fund!

Donate now at the ‘Help A Hero Fund’ link on the News Blog



Number of the Day = 222.  Americans spent a record $222 billion dollars shopping online during the holiday season. At least we are ‘spending aggressively’ -into 2024?


With Flu and Covid cases ‘spiking’ across the Triad, medical professionals stress to stay home when sick. And stay away from others for 24 hours AFTER a fever breaks to prevent the spread of viruses.



To help reduce waste, Starbucks is now allowing customers use their own personal ‘coffee cups’ for nearly all orders including the drive thru?

Two important stipulations: Your personal mug MUST be clean (baristas won’t rinse them out). And your cup can’t be any bigger than 40 ounces.



Study: Getting hearing aids may help you live longer!

Not enough people wear hearing aids, which could be a problem for long-term health. These experts explain how the devices help and when to get them.


College Hoops: Men’s action on Saturday

Wake Forest at the Joel 2pm

High Point at home 2pm (Qubein Arena)

UNCG vs. ETSU at Greensboro Coliseum (4pm)


Winter Driving Tip: Steer your car into a skid.

If your vehicle loses traction and begins to skid, steer the front tires into the direction of the skid. Slow down! Driving at slower speeds will help you recover from a skid.

*Never hit your brakes in icy weather (tap them). www.weather.gov/rnk/NCWinterWxPreparedness2023

AAA: Winter Weather Prep

Know where your ice scraper is!!!!!

Make certain your tires are properly inflated.

Cold weather reduces air pressure quicker.

Check your car battery!

Take advantage of ‘free battery checks’ at local auto supply stores, especially if your battery is over 3 years old.




Election 2024:  Early voting for the upcoming March 5th Primary Election begins February 15, 2024. Absentee ballots will be mailed out soon – upon request.

Learn more about registering to vote and the voter ID requirement on the News Blog…



The afternoon slump?

We all experience that sudden slump in energy in the middle of the afternoon.

The average slump lasts around 29 minutes. Some of the common causes of the afternoon slump include lack of sleep, lack of food, lack of caffeine? Boredom?

*Overcome the ‘afternoon slump’ with exercise, water even a healthy snack of fruits, nuts even trail mix. https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?


Davidson County Senior Services is hosting a food drive through January 31.

Request items include: Pop-top canned goods, individual servings of fruit and vegetables, boxed cereal, saltine crackers and pop-top canned pasta.

Specific drop off locations in Lexington, Thomasville, Denton and Southmont.

Details on the News Blog. https://www.the-dispatch.com/news/business/whats-happening-lexington-hair-salon-opens-new-coffee-shop-in-same-building-nears-completion/article


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