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Mental Health: Dealing with Depression

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

 Dr Gus Thomas – Clinical Supervisor with Associates in Christian Counseling – shares more about the symptoms, causes and treatment options when dealing with depression.  http://christiancounseling.org

Dr Gus Thomas helps to explain…                                             What is depression?  Biblical examples of individuals dealing with depression.  Several causes of depression including genetics, dramatic life changes, certain medical conditions, even substance abuse.  Self-care is so important! Embrace healthy habits such as growing closer to God (Faith factor), regular exercise, healthy diet, get vitamin D (SUN), limit alcohol use, Get quality rest.                     ASK FOR HELP!    http://christiancounseling.org 

*As heard on the WBFJ Morning Show Tuesday morning (May 23, 2023).


In a recent article from Christianity Today, just “Getting Out of Bed (can be) an Act of Worship”. Especially when you face the mundane burdens of enduring suffering while living with mental affliction.

Even when ‘normal’ seems like a burden, your life is a gift from God—a gift he created and sustains moment by moment in an infinite act of love. The goodness of this gift does not depend on how we feel or what we experience. But our challenge is to live out that gift each day, even amid our mental suffering.

According to Mental Health America, over 20% of adults are experiencing a mental illness. And in such moments, we might cry out like Elijah, “I have had enough, Lord” (1 Kings 19:4). But rather than chastise Elijah for his weakness or lack of hope, the Lord sent an angel to feed Elijah in the wilderness. Peace be still oh Lord…



Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 10 to 34 in North Carolina. “Roughly 90% of individuals who sadly die from suicide had some type of mental health issue going on, whether they were in treatment or not in treatment.”                                           -Andy Hagler, executive director of Mental Health Association in Forsyth County.


When the pandemic put her tour on pause in 2020 just as she was reaching new heights, CCM artist Lauren Daigle fell into a pit of darkness as she battled anxiety and depression. Making the record “was this rebirth process,” Daigle says: “My whole world fell apart, and I had to learn how to find myself again.” Read more…



Focus on the Family: Mental health resources. www.focusonthefamily.com/get-help/mental-health-resources/




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