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S@5 February 11, 2024

This week on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ (February 11, 2024)…

Triad Harmony Express

Thanks to ‘Singing Valentines’ Gerry, Tom, Nate and Joe with Triad Harmony Express, a local singing barber shop quartet chapter, for stopping by the WBFJ morning show on Thursday morning.  Find out how you can send a real Barbershop Quartet to serenade your special someone this Wednesday (Feb 14). In person AND virtual singing Valentines are available. All monies go to local charities.   https://www.triadharmonyexpress.com/home

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Wanna sing with TRIAD HARMONY EXPRESS? Weekly rehearsals most Tuesday evenings (6:30pm – 9pm) at Fries Memorial Moravian Church on Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem.  www.triadharmonyexpress.com/ Phone: (336) 774-4044


Jesus changed my life…                                                                  Katy Nichole is loving her Winter Jam experience so far. The 23 year old will share some of her remarkable ‘healing’ testimony. Katy’s favorite ‘Valentine’ color…is NOT red or pink!?www.katynichole.com/                                                                              Katy Nichole part of the lineup for Winter Jam 2024 coming to the Greensboro Coliseum on February 24, 2024 – $15 dollars at the door.    jamtour.com/greensboro-nc/

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Millions will be tuning into the BIG game this Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers go head-to-head in Super Bowl 58. NewsNation (in their “One Nation Under God” segment) is talking faith and football with a spotlight on 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy – before the BIG game.  https://www.newsnationnow.com/religion/san-francisco-49ers-brock-purdy-faith/

 *As heard on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ (February 11, 2024)


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