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S@5: “Give ’em Jesus” with Fred Hege

95% of born-again believers have never led one person to Christ. But, 83% of new believers are led to Christ through personal witnessing.

Verne (WBFJ) chats with family man, businessman, Gideon, now local author Fred Hege about personal witnessing and his book, ‘Give ‘em Jesus’, the only soul winner’s handbook you will ever need.’


In a recent survey by Barna Group, unbelievers were asked, “Would you be willing to listen to a gospel presentation from someone passionate about their faith?” 70% responded “Yes.”

“Give ‘em Jesus” compiled by Fred Hege includes explanations, illustrations, and scripts for sharing the gospel. Purpose of the book is “to equip the Body of Christ around the world to be practical, passionate soul-winners”

(Video) Check out this visual demonstration of “4 Easy Steps for Sharing the Gospel in 4 Minutes” as found in Chapter 2 of Fred’s book…

Give ‘em Jesus is (also) a 501 C-3 non-profit ministry.
*Find out more about “Give ‘em Jesus” at give-em-jesus.org/about

Contact Fred Hege by email: fred@give-em-jesus.org

*As heard on Sunday @5 on WBFJ (April 23, 2023)


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