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S@5: November 27, 2022

Segment one

Keith Hiatt, ‘Breslow, Starling’ Certified Public Accountants in Greensboro shares more with Verne and Wally (WBFJ Morning Show) about strategies regarding Year End Tax Preparation. Listen now…

Think of it as a ‘financial check-up’ before December 31.   Start your year-end rough estimate of your taxes and financial situation NOW to help avoid surprises and identify actions to take to reduce tax burden before the ‘new year’.

Items discussed include…

#1 thing we all need to do NOW before tax season in the Spring.

Estimate your 2022 and 2023 taxable income soon.

Charitable giving before December 31.

Utilizing a ‘tax professional’ is priceless ????http://www.breslowstarling.com/helpful-web-links.php                   Phone: 336-292-6872   /   https://www.irs.gov/


Segment Two

We’re talking faith, family and Fall with worship leader, Chris Tomlin.  His latest project (and single) is called ‘Always’. www.christomlin.com


 Segment Three 

Confused about all the different grades of fuel at some gas stations? Preston Bowden with ‘Brett’s Imports Limited’ in Midway suggests looking at your vehicle’s ‘original gas cap’ for ‘recommended fuel info specific to your car’. Listen now…

Experts also suggest checking your car’s manual (or your regular mechanic) before deciding which type of gasoline to fuel up with.)

*Connect with ‘Brett’s Imports Limited’ on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/qualityhondacarcare



*As heard on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ (Nov 27, 2022)


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