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S@5: PEAK Adventure Ministries

“Building leaders to break negative cycles”
‘Coach’ Britt Lassiter, founder of PEAK Adventure Ministries, shares with Verne (Host of Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ) about the mission and purpose of PEAK.

PEAK Adventure Ministries is a Christian non-profit “community impact ministry” (based in Guilford county), serving students from underserved communities in Guilford county through their 12 week Spring programs and 12 week Fall programs. Plus summer activities.
Their motto = “I Can Lead Myself Well” Learn more at www.peakam.org

*Learn more about their Summer Work Project at www.peakam.org
PEAK, founded in 2006 in Bryson City, relocated to Greensboro in 2009.

During the interview…
‘Coach’ Britt Lassiter explains the mission of PEAK Adventure ministries.
Three facets of the ministries: Leadership, Adventure, Work (L.A.W.)
Who are the students they ‘serve’? Success stories.
Three ‘prayer points’ include Safety, Provision, and Relationships.

PEAK Adventure Ministries is our WBFJ Ministry of the Month for May

*As heard on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ (May 21, 2023)


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