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Spotlighting the number 57 today

Spotlighting the number 57 today (March 1) in celebration of Verne’s 57th birthday!

The famous number 57 on every bottle of Heinz Ketchup is all a lie. When H.J. Heinz came up with the “57 varieties” slogan more than 100 years ago, the company did not have 57 Heinz varieties. The inspiration actually came during a trip to New York City when he saw an ad for 21 styles of shoes.


In the first storyboard draft for Pixar’s film ‘Cars’, the main character, a race car named Lightning McQueen was going to have number 57 as his racing number (a nod to director John Lasseter’s birthdate, January 12, 1957). But in the final cut, Lightning’s racing number changed to 95.  https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WhatCouldHaveBeen/Cars

Prime Factorization? The factors of 57 are 1, 3, 19 and 57.

The 57 Chevy

57 Channels (and Nothin’ On), a song by Bruce Springsteen (1992).

To one of the first (and best) mics to be used by DJs everywhere – the Shure SM57…

Happy Birthday, Verne  🙂

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