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Grass Pollen is very moderate today.  But TREE Pollen is Another Issue, as it is VERY High today. https://www.forsyth.cc/EAP/pollen.aspx


Remember Forsyth County Homeowners, you can get your FREE Leaf Mulch through the Middle of this Month at the Forum 52 Yard Waste Facility in Rural Hall.  Just make sure your vehicle has a Tarp or Cover and employees of the facility will load the Mulch for you. https://www.cityofws.org/1334/Leaf-Yard-Waste-Disposal


In the run-up to the total solar eclipseWarby Parker is giving away Free Eclipse Glasses.  The ISO-Certified Solar Eclipse Glasses are available at all stores while supplies last, otherwise check out Warby Parkers Website.  Other “Freebies” connected to the Eclipse include: Burger King, Dippin’ Dots, Marco’s Pizza AND Pizza Hut, and Sonic Drive-In! – For More Info just Click the Link on this story on our News Blog at WBFJ.FM.



There’s 1 Billion dollars up for grabs across the U.S. – and, 27,000+

North Carolinians are due money—No Lottery Involved!  All you have to do is Finish your Tax Return from 2020.  The IRS has a State-by-State estimate for folks due a refund from their 2020 tax returns.  In North Carolina, the average refund is $895.  A total of $29 million in refunds in our State alone.  Taxpayers have until May 17, 2024, to do their 2020 taxes.  If you don’t do your return by then, whatever refund you were owed is Officially Gone.  And if you Owe money, the IRS will eventually track you down.  It’s better to do it before more interest and fines kick in.  IRS help site



Harbor Freight Tools will hold a grand opening for its Kernersville location at 7:45am Saturday, representing the 1,500th in its network.
The store is at 1410 Glenn Center Drive with a workforce of 25 to 30 employees.  The first 150 Shoppers there will receive a Free Harbor Freight Tools Five-Gallon Bucket.  On the SAME Day ALL Harbor Freight Stores will offer 15% off any single item with no exclusions, as well as the choice between Three Free Gifts with No Purchase Required. https://journalnow.com/news/local/business/harbor-freight-tools-plans-grand-opening-for-kernersville-store/article_34bdfe9e-f044-11ee-8260-4bd70f880bc7.html#tracking-source=home-top-story


Living in the South, it’s not at all uncommon to hear the famous buzz of the Cicada in the Springtime.  THIS Spring, however, an Unusual Cicada Double Dose is about to invade 16 Southeastern States in what University of Connecticut cicada expert John Cooley called “Cicada-Geddon.”  The Last time these two broods came out Together in 1803, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote about Cicadas in his Garden Book, but mistakenly called them locusts, was President.  Periodic Cicadas Don’t Do “Subtle.”  Staggering Numbers of around 1 Million Per Acre over Hundreds of Millions of Acres across the 16 States equaling Hundreds of Trillions, and Maybe Quadrillions.  Cooley actually takes hearing protection when doing field studies because the noise can get so intense—We’re talking up into the 110-Decibel Range.”  Cooley says that’s like putting your head next to a jet. It is painful.”  To learn more including how to protect your Young Trees and Plants, check the link at the bottom of this story on our News Blog at WBFJ.FM. https://myfox8.com/news/cicada-geddon-biggest-bug-emergence-in-centuries-is-coming/


WBFJ Family Station Forecast

Today: Partly Sunny … High 83

Tonight: Showers Likely … Low 62

Tomorrow: Continued Showers Likely … High 71


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