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Tuesday News: Jan 31, 2023

Final day of January!


Today is National Hot Chocolate day

Scotch Tape day!

Eat Brussel Sprouts day

‘Plan for Your Vacation’ day!


An extreme winter storm stretching from Texas to West Virginia will bring freezing temperatures and wintry precipitation to a large section of the US. Nearly 1,000 flights have been canceled across the US ahead of the latest storm.   https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/31/business/flights-canceled-january-31/index.html


New this morning: Elkin City Schools are CLOSED today due to a ‘threat against students and staff safety’.  Source: Facebook post and local media



Sad news: Cindy Williams, best known for her role as the bubbly Shirley Feeney on “Laverne & Shirley,” has died after a short illness. She was 75…



Update: The White House will end the Covid-19 national and public health emergencies on May 11, 2023. That means that some Americans may have to start paying for Covid-19 testing and treatments after the declarations cease.

Note: About seven in ten Americans have received an initial COVID vaccination but less than 20% of adults have received the latest booster (CDC).


Looking back to January 31, 2020…

The Trump administration declared Covid-19 a public health emergency. That designation made it easier for states to redirect staff responding to Covid-19. The announcement was made in tandem with a quarantine order for U.S. citizens returning from hard-hit areas of China. www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/01/31/coronavirus-donald-trump-declares-public-health-emergency/4625299002/

It’s been almost 3 years since then President Trump first declared a ‘national emergency’ (March 13, 2020) days after the World Health Organization formally declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. 

March 11, 2020: After more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries and 4,291  

                                  deaths, the WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic.

March 13, 2020: The Trump Administration declares a nationwide emergency.

March 15, 2020: States begin to implement shutdowns in order to prevent

                                               the spread of COVID-19. 

Check out the Covid-19 Timeline from the CDC: www.cdc.gov/museum/timeline/covid19.html#


Headline of the Morning

‘Marie Kondo admits tidying up is no longer a top priority’

The queen of clean, who previously strived for a perfectly organized home, sharing that tidying has taken a back seat after having her third child.

“I am busier than ever after having my third child, so I have grown to accept that I cannot tidy every day – and that is okay!” What brings you JOY?




January is Sanctity of Human Life month

Support life in our Communities through a local Pregnancy Care Center.

For a list of area PCC’s and pro-life resources, go to WBFJ.FM


Number of the day: 27.3

The average age of a first-time mother reached a record high of 27.3 years in 2021.

Birth rates increased among women ages 25 to 44, while the teen birth rate reached a record low. While decisions around having children largely depend on personal circumstances, researchers say the Covid-19 pandemic likely played a role in people putting off childbirth.  https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/31/health/us-birth-rate-fertility-trends-2021/index.html



College Hoops (men)

Wake Forest at Duke tonight (Jan 31). Tip Off at 7pm…


The ACC released its Football schedule on Monday…

The Demon Deacons will play three of their first four games at home, kicking things off on Thursday, August 31 with Wake Forest hosting Elon.




“71 commands in 13 minutes”

Two more Memphis police officers have been disciplined and three emergency responder

s fired in connection with the death of Tyre Nichols, widening the circle of punishment for the shocking display of police brutality during that deadly traffic stop on January 7th – after video showed many more people failed to help him beyond the five officers accused of beating him to death. The 29-year-old Nichols passed away from his injuries on January 10th – just three days after the deadly traffic stop.



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