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Most of life is SINK or SWIM. That’s why we all need a Savior and a rescue every now and then. The bigger problem comes when we get stuck in the middle. We begin to tread water instead of swimming to shore. We may not know how to swim or we may not be much of a swimmer. We may be disoriented because we are in a fog. Unfortunately sometimes we may just be stuck in the half-way mode. Maybe even in our comfort zone.


I remember one of the requirements for graduating from UNC was to know how to swim. Before I could take fencing or some fun class in PE, I had to enroll in the beginner’s swimming class. Even after taking the class I still wasn’t much of a swimmer. But I did learn how to tread water and that became a bit of a comfort zone. At least I could keep from immediate drowning. But I quickly learned treading water is tiring and it does not get you very far toward the promise land.


We must learn that lesson in life. It gets very tiring stuck in one spot of life plus it does not move the needle very far. It does exercise our spiritual muscle but it can wear out our emotional system in the process. It also can expend energy that the Lord wants to be put to a better use.


For some this may mean we need to take “swimming lessons” from a spiritual counselor. In some cases we may need to just get moving and use our energy to swim and not just tread water.


If you are tired and emotionally worn, it might be something else causing the pain but at least ask, “Am I treading water when I should be swimming?” And yes, I have been there!


Papa John


P.S. Be listening tonight as I may play the song “DIVE” from Steven Curtis Chapman or Toby Mac “Move”… no promises!


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