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“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7

For nearly 20 years I worked as a Broadcast Advertising Account Executive and Manager.  Simply put, I sold the advertising time for those commercials you love to hear and see on radio and TV…Ha! In those days it was the primary, if not only, source of revenue for broadcast media.  We sold the time, businesses ran their commercials and, hopefully, you purchased their goods and services.

It was during some of those years that a friend encouraged me to listen to WBFJ.  I grew to love the music and announcers, but at that time thought only Public radio and TV stations were “Listener supported.”  Then I heard my 1st sharathon on Your Family Station.  I remember driving down the road that Friday afternoon when I decided to tune in to WBFJ to see how they were doing. I heard people clapping, yelling and thanking people like you who had given because the goal had been reached.  Then everyone stopped to give thanks to God for what He had done to make this all happen.  It was all so very humbling and tears came to my eyes as I listened.

Now that I’ve been a part of this family for almost 6 years, I’ve seen your generosity 1st hand. Over the years, I’ve said many times on the air that you are the best, most loving, generous and “cheerful” listeners I’ve ever been blessed to know.  And I mean it.  You continue to blow me away with all you do to support and be a part of this ministry.  We are all so grateful for all of you.  And as we all know here at WBFJ, if it weren’t for you we simply wouldn’t be here. God is so good, as are all of you “Cheerful Givers.”

So, let’s all celebrate together!  Tomorrow is our annual “Day of Celebration.”  You’ll hear testimonies, uplifting stories and plenty of great music throughout the day.  We would also ask, humbly, if you would be in prayer for what God would have you do to help WBFJ finish strong financially for 2022.


Grace and Peace,



The WBFJ Wednesday Word is a weekly email written by the WBFJ Staff. It’s short, simple, encouraging and provides a look behind the microphone to the heart of this ministry and the people that help make it happen.

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