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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  I love Thanksgiving – always have.

On the other side of such festivities come those days that have affectionately become known as “Black Friday”, “Small Business Saturday”, “Cyber Monday” and “Giving Tuesday”.  Each in its’ own right becomes a struggle for the same dollar.  You can make the argument that there are probably enough to go around, but there is still a certain amount of budgeting, allocating, prioritizing and decision-making.  Do I want the best deal?  Do I want it in my hands now or can I wait a week?  Am I willing to support my neighbor for a penny more?  Should I forego receiving something for my investment other than the investment itself?   The conversations between our heart and our wallet are difficult ones that rarely follow clearly defined guidelines.

So, instead of taking this conundrum too deep for such a festive occasion, let’s focus on the receiving rather the giving.  Don’t hear that one too often, do you?

Before deciding to get rid of what we have been given, let’s pause to appreciate anything and everything that has been provided from the hand of God.  “Attitude of Gratitude”, “Count Your Blessings”, “Thanks-living”.   However, you package it, that recognition that we have nothing, are nothing and can do nothing without the blessing and presence of the Lord in our lives is the spirit that brings a true reality to this season.

On that note, let’s remember as we step into the box store on Friday, the corner boutique on Saturday, click “buy now” on Monday and contribute on Tuesday – all that happens…thanks to God.

“Giving Thanks in all Circumstances” will look different each day.

“Giving Thanks in all Circumstances” can also look most familiar each day.

Thank You God!

I Love Thanksgiving!


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