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 Reliving the dream… riding the wave,  theatrically speaking!

 To engage: Close your eyes and venture back to October, 1987 by the little water wheel in King when a Mr. J and a Ms. J each said, “I DO”. Then the dream! At that magic moment, it is no longer Mr. J and Ms. J– It is Ozzie Nelson and Lucy Ricardo. (Yes, I know they both have different last names but this is only a dream.)

 Lucy and Ozzie were very always very much fun to be around. Even on their Honey Moon Cruise, in the middle off the hurricane season, they were entertaining fellow passengers as everyone was giving it up for Floyd. They, too, gave it up for Floyd  and decided the head swimming might go away if they just took the nausea shot and went to sleep (6:26 PM).

  Next day, after Floyd passed and things settled, everybody was eager to walk straight again on solid shore. Since, Ozzie wanted to impress Lucy with all the friends he had on St. Thomas, he walked Lucy all over the island spending time with the locals and “Hey Mon-ing” everybody along the way. Ozzie even surprised Lucy with fish dinner by the sea. Note: Lucy was not impressed eating a fish with its eyes looking back at her.

  Ozzie convinced Lucy that St.Thomas shops had good deals on watches so they killed a little more time shopping. Turned out, Ozzie wasn’t watching the time piece he already owned and suddenly his entire life flashed before him when he realized the Gang Plank was on the verge of going up when they were late to the ship. Sure glad this is just a dream as Lucy was NOT impressed!

  Everybody loved Lucy and Ozzie because their life was always an adventure. Many years later, on another cruise, to Mexico, Customs would not let Lucy back on the ship after their land adventure. Apparently there was a very hidden security tag somewhere in her wrap dress that was setting off the metal detector. Ozzie was almost sweating bullets as the line behind got longer and longer. Ozzie blurted, Take it off and give it to the man- you got a bathing suit underneath!” Thankfully, the officer had mercy and let them through, clothes in tact. Again, glad this is only a dream as Ozzie would probably not otherwise be alive today.

 In the real world everybody gets into a jam every now and then but in this dream, it’s just about everyday for Lucy and Ozzie. In most homes, Lucy drops her ring in the sink,  picks it up and puts it back on her finger. In this dream, if Lucy drop anything anywhere, it takes hours, days and sometimes forever to retrieve it. That’s often because OZZIE just won’t let it go and tears the place up looking, fixing and talking about it.

Ozzie and Lucy don’t just LOSE stuff. Half the time Ozzie runs over it with the John Deere or the car weeks later .Ozzie is always so sweet to remind Lucy, “I found it!”.

  Lucy’s big thing is remotes. Ozzie keeps buying replacements. Would be cheaper to replace the batteries but apparently the  remotes don’t stay around that long… kinda like disappearing socks in the dryer. And then there are the keys. Now you see them. Now you don’t. And the dream goes on…

 If you engaged, you can open up your eyes now. The dream only goes on for characters in the dream. And they are real CHARACTERS! 

 Happy St. Valentine’s Day! 


 Papa John



Hills-Ville, North 




Love your Lucy or Harriet…enjoy your adventures with Ozzie ,Ricky, or whoever your dream one is ! 

 (Older TV fans remember there was a RICKY on both I LOVE LUCY and THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET)




Please don’t forget to drop off your homemade Valentines at Lowes Foods by Sunday, February 4th.


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