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This is not your average Valentines message.  No flowers. No Chocolates. No Balloons.  No Sentimentality.  No History Lesson.  No Cupid.

It’s ironic that today is also Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  This ceremonial convergence only happened 3 times in the last century and will only occur one more time in this century.  That being said, one might wonder why we allow seemingly random calendar dates to dictate our expressions towards one another and to the Lord. Then, there are those among us who need said reminders as a means of a moment of focus in the rat race of life.

The love that we honor and celebrate today culminates in the message of the cross and resurrection.  It gives us pause to reflect on how well we mirror that love on the days not reserved for such.  Am I as likely to give as receive? Am I as likely to care than to want?  Can I spare a dose of gratitude extended?  Can I see others through the eyes of God’s love?  Today, the next forty days, all my days!    Happy Valentines!

May the Lord direct your lives as you show God’s love and Christ’s endurance.                  2 Thessalonians 3:5 (GWT)


  • Wally


PS:  Happy Valentines to the Love of My Life – I Love You Diane!


The WBFJ Wednesday Word is a weekly email written by the WBFJ Staff. It’s short, simple, encouraging and provides a look behind the microphone to the heart of this ministry and the people that help make it happen.

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