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Today’s Wednesday Word is written by Addy Hilton in her Mama’s place.

I get chills thinking that the same God who beautifully crafted these tulips I saw today, designed us so intricately to be made perfect in His image. What an honor it is to be a child of the Creator of the Universe.
I’m challenging you and myself to soak in more of the beauty of God’s creation we encounter daily that the world tries to keep us busy & distracted from seeing. I encourage you take a second each day to see His beauty-it’s all around us in the most simplest of ways.

Spring time will always be a favorite season of mine. I’m reminded of the beauty & light that comes after cold dark winters-how Jesus light will always defeat the darkness. A rebirth of what was dead that is now alive again. What better season to remind us of the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross for us— just as the tulips bloom & go dormant-they rise again for a new Spring. Thank you Jesus, for the sacrifice you did for us who are so undeserving & truly take it for granted. I’m so thankful for a new season to continue to remind myself of the goodness, beauty, & faithfulness of Jesus.
YOU are perfect in the eyes of Jesus, never forget that!!

As we enter Spring, I’m reminded of winter leaving to make way for spring—the old is gone, the new has come & by one of my favorite songs that beautifully captivates the beauty of this time of year by, Chris Renzema—Springtime.

“We will sing a new song
‘Cause death is dead and gone with the winter
We will sing a new song
Let “hallelujahs” flow like a river
We’re coming back to life
Reaching towards the light
Your love is like springtime”

We’re thankful that you are part of the family!




The WBFJ Wednesday Word is a weekly email written by the WBFJ Staff. It’s short, simple, encouraging and provides a look behind the microphone to the heart of this ministry and the people that help make it happen.

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