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I recently made an ardent attempt to “safely” kill a certain portion of grass in my yard.  This was to create a natural area that would be home to its’ own plant life.  Unfortunately, this attempt proved rather futile as that which was green proved hardier than my attack.  At this point, I will move on to the next step and simply hope for the best.


In the role of Devil’s Advocate, my frustrations became real as my efforts proved worthless.  On the counter side of this illustration, what if my own persistence to thrive and not just survive brought defeat to the enemy?   Yes, I know that “I can do all things thru Christ’, “Greater is He that is in me” and that “He can do infinitely more than I could imagine.”   Sometimes the “me” in that equation gives up on the “us” – long before it’s time to bloom much less harvest.  But God in His goodness carries me on.


Five stones, a silent march, too small of an army and things considered foolish – these are the weapons of Biblical proportion that God has used to perfect His plan.   He still does.  The biggest and the best may attract the most attention, but how about being that single blade of grass that makes evil cringe?


Going on 30 years, God has blessed and used a simple ministry to accomplish God-sized Kingdom tasks in the lives of His children.  Many of whom chose to join the cause enabling it to not only survive, but thrive.  As we stand at the precipice of another WBFJ Sharathon, we thank you and praise God for allowing each of us to sow eternally into the garden of Heaven whose harvest awaits.   From one generation of faith to another, God’s hand moves among us to make possible the impossible.  In that we take heart.  In that we rejoice.  In that we press on.  In that we await the “well done, good and faithful servant.” 

Thank You Lord!


  • Wally


The WBFJ Wednesday Word is a weekly email written by the WBFJ Staff. It’s short, simple, encouraging and provides a look behind the microphone to the heart of this ministry and the people that help make it happen.

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