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“Successfully bridging the transition from college to career”

Ned Erickson, founding Director of the Winston-Salem Fellows, shares with Verne (WBFJ) about the mission and purpose of the the faith-based program. Listen now…


The ‘Winston-Salem Fellows’ is a 9-month experience designed to help young adults (ages 22-26)“successfully bridge the transition from college to career as men and women prepared to live lives
of passion and purpose through Jesus Christ”

‘Doing life together’
Vision: “To inspire and equip a rising generation of leaders to embrace the reality of who they are, to live their faith seamlessly in all areas, and to participate in things that are greater than themselves”

Winston-Salem Fellows is our WBFJ Ministry of the Month (September 2023)

*As heard on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ (Sept 17, 2023)


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