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3 ‘sleeps’ before Christmas.  10 days left in 2022. 


Today is the official start of WINTER

          …the shortest day (light) and longest night of the year.

*Bitter COLD will settle into the Triad over Christmas weekend!


Major airlines are temporarily dropping their change fees as winter storms are forcing the cancellation of holiday flights. Christmas weekend could be the coldest in decades. https://flightaware.com/live/cancelled/today/


Topic: The majority of pet owners (4 in 5) are happy to simply be at home for the holidays with their pet, citing that their animal friend makes all holidays better (81%), according to new research.  Pet parents are looking to spend an average of $50 dollars on their pet’s gifts this year. But many would be open to going over this amount (41%) to make their pet happy. Top gifts: pet toys (74%), treats (73%) and cute clothes (29%). https://nypost.com/2022/11/24/how-much-you-spend-spoiling-your-your-pets-for-the-holidays/

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What about those Christmas leftovers? The USDA suggests eating refrigerated leftovers within 3 to 4 days of preparation. That means Christmas Sunday leftovers should be eaten by Wednesday or Thursday – or you should freeze or toss out those left overs. Reminder: Two hours is the limit that refrigerated items should be left out on the table at room temperature! *When in doubt, throw it out!!!!!!!



College Hoops

Big win for the Deacs last night over Duke (81-70).

*Looking ahead: Wake hosts Virginia Tech at the Joel on Saturday, Dec 31 (noon).


College Bowl games (of interest)

(FRI) Wake Forest vs Missouri (6:30pm)


The Hallmark Channel is planning on shooting a movie at the Historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Production for the film will start in January 2023. And will air later next year as part of the channel’s “Countdown to Christmas.”




AAA showing that gas prices (regular unleaded) are still below $3 dollars a gallon!



Look up (weather permitting).  The Ursid meteor shower is happening through Dec 24, with the best viewing time right before dawn in the northern to northeastern sky. Peak will be this week (actually on Thursday, Dec 22).

If you want to try watching: Choose a location away from bright, city lights during the early morning hours before sunrise. Dress warmly!






The 30th annual Gingerbread House Competition is on display right now at the Prove park Inn in Asheville. You can see the display through Monday, January 2, 2023. The Triad has several entries on display including CBC Junior whose Teen entry is from Reidsville and is called The End Of The Train. Cheryl Masters from Concord’s display shows a fairytale scene of Once Upon A Time. Then there’s Shanta Faison from Winston-Salem who created a stone house decorated for the holiday.

This year’s Grand Prize winner is Ann Bailey from Cary. Her creation is on display on a turntable and behind glass! It is a scene of Peter Pan. You can see Pan and Wendy flying over the town as well as Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. Her take-home prize was $7,500. It’s estimated that many entries were created with more than 500+ hours of work.  https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/local/the-30th-annual-gingerbread-house-competition-winner-is-from-nc-omni-grove-park-in-asheville-winner-cary-winston-salem-concord-reidsville-displays/83


The White House is re-starting it’s ‘free covid tests’ program.

You can order four rapid Covid tests per household through covidtests.gov.

Note: COVID-19 cases have been increasing in parts of the US since Thanksgiving.




Safely celebrating the holidays with your pet

Holiday Travel with your pet

Stocking Stuffer ideas

Source: Bil Jac Foods https://www.bil-jac.com/search/?query=holiday


What foods should my dog avoid?


Onions, garlic, avocados, chives and corn on the cob.

*Apple seeds are toxic to a dog.

*Grapes and raisins are especially dangerous for dogs and cats.

*The leaves from potatoes, rhubarbs and tomatoes contain oxalates, which can be dangerous to pets.

*Other foods to keep away from dogs include chocolate; coffee; colas; alcohol; macadamia nuts; yeast dough; eggs and bones. Milk; salt; gums and most candy. Baby food; cat food; and human snacks, which often contain dangerous ingredients for animals.

If you think your pet has eaten something dangerous, contact your veterinarian or an emergency veterinary hospital immediately.



As for what dogs can safely eat, “certain vegetables like carrots, green beans, cucumber slices or zucchini slices all make great treats for your dog,” according to the Canine Journal. “Vegetables make great low-calorie snacks and good training tools, as well. But stay away from canned and pickled vegetables as they contain too much salt.”

And fruits such as bananas, apple slices, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon are OK, though the melon should be seedless.

*The Canine Journal, a pet-friendly website based in Winston-Salem www.CanineJournal.com

Ask Sam:https://journalnow.com/news/local/ask-sam-what-foods-should-i-not-give-my-dog/article


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